About the Wanderers

About the Wanderers
Photo by Andrew Stutesman / Unsplash

Our Wandering Existence documents the travels and learnings of Mr. Wanderer and Mrs. Wanderer. The Wanderers took off June 2022 to travel the world and experience as much of humanity as possible. They are digital nomads, working remotely and making the world their office while living in different countries every few months. Our Wandering Existence records their adventures and strives to serve as a resource for any aspiring travelers out there.

About the Website

Journals – Where you can read about their journey in real time with their personal opinions and amusing anecdotes.

Guides – Where you can learn in-depth about visiting any country that fascinates you especially any you are considering traveling to or living in.

Food - Gastronomy reports on each country for all of the food tourists out there. Plus, maybe you will be inspired to mix up what’s cooking at home too.

Restaurants - Take a look at the restaurant data base to find yummy eats all over the world, with maps by continent and a table you can sort.

Media – Where you can find The Wanderers personal musings. They share reviews of the books they are reading, ratings of the movies they are watching, and so much more.


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