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Journal #30 - Montenegro

Blue water with green shrubbery on the shore
Kotor Bay by Mrs. Wanderer

Ćao from Montenegro! 

Our stay in Montenegro has been blissful. This nation has stolen our hearts with its stunning geographical beauty. We arrived and departed by bus, so we witnessed a thorough swath of the countryside. Our particular favorite was the time spent along the coastline, but truly so much of the nation appears wild and beautiful.  

Stone houses lining the water of the bay
Kotor Bay Coast by Mrs. Wanderer

We spent our stay in Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site twice over, and could not have been more pleased. With our residence located right on the lake, we luxuriated in daily swims and breathtaking views at all times of the day. The city is set on the edge of the lake inside a basin of mountains. So everywhere you stand you are surrounded by green peaks, some of which contain hiking trails.  

Grey spotted cat curled into a ball sleeping in the grass
Kotor Kitty by Mrs. Wanderer

The city itself encircles the remnants of its old town. This is enclosed behind the remaining city walls which you walk along to take in the opposing architecture of the old and new. Inside the walls, it surprised us to find the city swarming with cats and kittens. So many of the tourists, vendors, and all of the children we saw were sharing their lunch with or petting these tiny residents. They lounged across all of the benches and under each shady tree. They were generous enough to let the humans share their space. Some of the shops and cafes were even named in honor of their feline friends. 

Grey stone gate with reflective moat
Kotor Fortress by Mrs. Wanderer

For us, staying right on the lake meant that we enjoyed eating our meals on a patio resting against the water. It was a stone veranda, with no safety barrier. It just ended where the water began. So we dined breakfast and dinner lake-side with the waves gently lapping at our feet. We timed our meals to coincide with sunset and so were bathed in beautiful pink light as the sun lowered slowly behind the mountain tops. It was one of the most romantic settings we have visited and is now our go-to recommendation for a honeymoon destination.  

Kotor Bay in the evening with blue skies and pink clouds
Cotton-Candy Kotor by Mr. Wanderer

We loved getting to relax during our stay here and take in the natural beauty of this nation. Montenegro, this is not goodbye – we will definitely be back. For now, our bags are packed, and we are headed to the nation that served as the setting for the spark that initiated World War One. Any guesses where we are off to next? 

Stone buildings with the moutains set behind them
Kotor Rooftops by Mrs. Wanderer